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VAT Audits

A VAT audit by the tax authorities, often leads to corrections and assessments. Usually, the organization was not even aware of the fact they acted in a way not consistent with VAT regulations, and the conclusions of the tax authorities come as a total surprise. Would you rather not have any surprises? Do you like to be “in control”? If you respond positive to those questions, then a VAT audit by Franke VAT Specialists is the solution for you. We can do audits from a general “VAT quick scan” up to and including a complete audit just like the tax authorities would do. A specific audit on a part of your VAT process (i.e. applicable rates, correctness of the VAT deduction et cetera) is also possible.

VAT - a complicated tax?

Even most tax professionals find VAT one of the most difficult taxes to handle. Franke VAT Specialists  can help you in acknowledging and understanding VAT issues in your organization, streamline the VAT processes and get you in control. Through advice, VAT scans, training, help on implementation projects and/or other forms of support, Franke VAT Specialists will help you to optimize your organization from a VAT perspective!


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