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Foreign (EU) VAT reclaims 2014 deadline is 30 September 2015!

The deadline for foreign VAT reclaims (VAT paid in other EU member states) is approaching. Do you have VAT to be reclaimed for the year 2014, that was invoiced to you by VAT entrepreneurs in other EU member states? Make sure you file your reclaim request ultimately 30 September 2015. In virtually all EU member states, late filing is reason for the non-acceptance of the claim. For Dutch VAT entrepreneurs, the filing of this so called 8th Directive reclaim request van be done through the portal site of the Dutch tax authorities:

Please note that this portal is only for VAT from other EU member states. In non-EU countries, local regulations apply on whether and how local VAT can be reclaimed. Need advice on, or help with (EU or non-EU) reclaim requests? Don’t hesitate to contact our VAT experts!

VAT - a complicated tax?

Even most tax professionals find VAT one of the most difficult taxes to handle. Franke VAT Specialists  can help you in acknowledging and understanding VAT issues in your organization, streamline the VAT processes and get you in control. Through advice, VAT scans, training, help on implementation projects and/or other forms of support, Franke VAT Specialists will help you to optimize your organization from a VAT perspective!


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