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Vision and mission

Your interests as client are an advisors main area of concern in our vision. A good advice is as short and clear as possible, and above all; practical. High end legal memos are of course wonderful to be used between lawyers, but as an entrepreneur, you do not need the excess baggage. You just want to know what to do and how to do it!

Your business is always the primary issue in our advice. Tax follows business, not the other way around. Of course it is sometimes wise or even necessary to adjust business as a consequence of tax regulations, but such adjustments or tax-planning structures may never get in the way of business itself.

Of course, being open and clear in communications with you as a client is essential for an adviser. The same goes for being open and clear in the communications vis-à-vis the tax authorities. Sure, we can disagree with the tax authorities, and will even settle this dispute by taking legal actions even to the highest courts. Nonetheless, a normal business relation between your organization and the tax authorities cannot be disturbed by this. In our view, your adviser has an important role in keeping this professional relationship intact.

Creativity is our trademark. Finding solutions that offer the best tax position for your organization within your businessmodel and the legal possibilities, is what we aim for. Next to knowledge and experience we therefore think creativity should be a prominent trait at every adviser.

Our mission is to relieve your organization of unnecessary administrative and financial burdens, so that labor and capital can be used where it counts; used in the core activity of your organization!

VAT - a complicated tax?

Even most tax professionals find VAT one of the most difficult taxes to handle. Franke VAT Specialists  can help you in acknowledging and understanding VAT issues in your organization, streamline the VAT processes and get you in control. Through advice, VAT scans, training, help on implementation projects and/or other forms of support, Franke VAT Specialists will help you to optimize your organization from a VAT perspective!


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