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“Good advice is expensive” or so the saying goes. At Franke VAT Specialists however, we believe that this saying is found quite literally in the rates charged by a lot of VAT specialists… Our rates are at the bottom of the market, whilst our knowledge and experience are at the very top of that market. At the rates charged by very junior tax lawyers at a “Big-4” firm, at Franke VAT Specialist you will get the knowledge and experience of a partner. True value for money! Transparency in our fees is also very important to us. Therefore you will always get a full specification of the work provided with every invoice we issue. This specification gives you insight in the time spent (detailed to 1/10th of an hour) and what work was done. Our rates are always “all-in”. No separate office fees or other surcharges are added. Should specific costs need to be made on your behalf (like court fees), those will be upfront agreed upon with you and the charge will be separately shown on our specifications.

Besides the regular hourly based fees (per diem fees), we offer alternatives. We can offer fixed fees for certain projects, success fees or even a full no cure, no pay agreement. Combinations of different methods are also possible. Should you have interest in these alternative fee calculation methods, we are always open to discuss this with you and find the most feasible alternative for your situation.

VAT - a complicated tax?

Even most tax professionals find VAT one of the most difficult taxes to handle. Franke VAT Specialists  can help you in acknowledging and understanding VAT issues in your organization, streamline the VAT processes and get you in control. Through advice, VAT scans, training, help on implementation projects and/or other forms of support, Franke VAT Specialists will help you to optimize your organization from a VAT perspective!


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